Interview with Takako Shimizu


Q. What is your impression of Bizwel?

Although we only meet once a month, everyone positively interacts with one another so I feel like we're a family. There are a lot of people who are around the same age as me and there are no intimidating people, so I feel really at ease. Overall, there's this atmosphere where individuality is respected and shown off in a good way.

Q. What is the biggest challenge that you've faced at Bizwel?

My biggest challenge isn't after I entered Bizwel per say, but joining the IT industry itself that Bizwel is apart of. At first I was really uneasy because I'm new to this industry, but the people at my project site are very kind and if there was something I didn't know or something that interested me while I'm at headquarters I can talk to my supervisors very easily. Even if the thing that I am asking advice about is a personal matter, they will listen to me and give me the best advice they can so it's really helpful.

Takako Shimizu

Q. How do you spend your days off?

On days that I go out, I go out.
Recently, I've gotten into snowboarding, so if my friends and I have time then we'll go and hit the slopes. My project team mates went with me too!
Also, in college, I was able to study abroad in China, so sometimes I participate in a Chinese language exchange by myself.

On days that I don't go out, it's already decided that I'll be locked up in my room all day.
I love sleeping, so on my days off I'll sleep past lunch, wake up, go to sleep, and repeat the process all day.

Q. Please tell me your daily schedule.

Early Shift 09:00~17:30
Late Shift 09:30~18:00
When I arrive at the office, I'll set up my computer for the day, check my email, and list up what I need to do for the rest of the day.
If there are any inquiries through phone, I correspond with them appropriately and if there aren't then I do preliminarly preparation, check and edit manuals, and check on site work regulations.
On days I go out → All day snowboarding
Lunch or dinner with friends
Darts (recently I'm hooked!)

On days I don't go out → I stay locked up all day at home
Pass time by watching YouTube

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