Frequently Asked Questions about Bizwel

Questions about Entry and Selection

Of course! At Bizwel, we have a good flow for those who join as industry newbies, so rest easy and feel free to take on a new challenge!

There are a lot of people in our company who joined without any experience, so everybody can understand your worries. We want to help you gain more skill!

Interviews on weekdays (Monday ~ Friday) can start at 8PM at the latest. When you apply, please tell us what times fit best witth your schedule.

If you want to have an interview on the weekend, please feel free to contact us.

For inexperienced employees, we have in place the following training system:

Business Manners Training Course:
How to do greetings, how to take phone calls, how to write business emails, how to take minutes of a meeting (MoM), etc.

Office System Tool Training:
How to use Office tools such as Excel, PowerPoint, Word, etc.

IT Industry Training:
Map of the IT industry, where we stand as a company, etc.

Engineer training:
Security training, programming courses, etc.

For experienced employees, we have a partnership with an outside institution, so it is possible to customize your training course based on your current skill level.

To sum it up in one phrase, "Even if there are things you are uncertain about, the company and your fellow coworkers will help you out."

In order to help our employees communicate and get to know each other, we prepare various events with the seasons such as barbeques and flower viewing events. It's the kind of community where you can consult your fellow coworkers about anything.

Currently, we have about fifty engineers. Amongst them, we have about eighteen female engineers, so the ratio of men to women is about 3:1. Regardless of being male or female, it is possible to keep working after respective life events occur. We try to provide a good work life balance environment, so it is also easy to take maternity leave and childcare leave.

We have a trial period of three months, but regarding salary, social insurance, assignment etc. you will be like a regular worker so there is no disadvantage.